Our Story

For more than a century, the Church of God Publishing House (with the trade name Pathway Press, since 1974) has provided high quality Christian publications for the Church of God and the general public. The establishment of the Church of God ministry of publications began in 1910 with the publication of the Church of God Evangel. By 1917, the Church of God had its own publishing and printing facility and began the publication of Sunday school lesson materials for all age groups.

Throughout its history, the Publishing House has kept pace with the best methods and technology in publishing and printing, while maintaining its commitment to Biblical Christianity and the Pentecostal persuasion.

The Evangel, the Evangelical Sunday School Lessons Commentary, One Accord Sunday school materials for all ages, and the Church Hymnal are well-known and widely used products of the Publishing House.

In addition to these, hundreds of books by Church of God authors and others have been published by Pathway Press.