Adaptive Leadership in the Third-Generation Church

Several years ago, I preached a sermon titled “The Three Chairs.” The sermon discusses the patterns of declining faith in three generations. It can be seen in Abraham, Issac, and Esau; as well as David, Solomon, and Rehoboam. The three chairs could be titled “Commitment, Compromise, and Complacency.” Recognizing a Trend Sociologists and historians have […]

Can We Teach Christian Virtues?

Christian virtues are the qualities and traits of moral excellence and strength that were seen in Jesus Christ and heard in His teaching. In the New Testament, these virtues are identified as “the fruit of the Spirit” in the life of the believer in Christ, manifested “in all goodness, righteousness and truth” (Eph. 5:9). These […]

Narrowing the Generation Gap

One of the perpetual characteristics of society is the gap between children, youth, and senior adults. Unfortunately, that chasm also exists within the church. Senior adults have a lot to offer the younger generation, and vice versa, and church is one of the best settings for interaction to take place. Positive interaction can help overcome […]