Faith Case® Extraordinary A•C•T•S


Faith Case® Extraordinary A•C•T•S

Faith Case® Extraordinary A•C•T•S
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You’ll love how easy it is to use Faith Case® Extraordinary A•C•T•S. With almost no prep needed, the 10 sessions come together with unforgettable videos, games, object lessons, and Bible stories that make learning fun!

Extraordinary A•C•T•S sessions include:
  • Become Extraordinary—I will do extraordinary acts.
  • Unexpected Answers—I only need God.
  • Unshakable Faith—I will not be afraid.
  • Welcoming Others—I know God can use anyone.
  • Get Up and Go—I will be the one to act.
  • Prayer Works—I know prayer works.
  • Choosing Worship—I will worship.
  • One Way—I will stand for Jesus.
  • Overcoming Fear—I am safe with God.
  • Unending Action—I will go and go and go and go…
What’s Inside the Kit?
  • Lead Investigator Guide
  • DVD session videos
  • CD-ROM Resources
  • Metal Briefcase
  • Extraordinary A•C•T•S Poster
  • 5 Case Folders
  • The Live|Dead Journal

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