The Power Of One PB


The Power Of One PB

The Power Of One  PB
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Connect to the power of One to experience a life charged with purpose and united with Him and His people!

What if it were truly possible to be one with Jesus—fulfilling your vital role in the church to manifest Christ and minister to others on His behalf? Imagine what would happen if you sought God passionately, above all else, and allowed His power to flow through you! Bishop Anthony Pelt—the founding Senior Pastor of Radiant Living Worship Center—explains how the power of One impacts your relationship with Jesus, your involvement in the church, and your influence in the world. <>br>
In this book, you’ll learn:
  • How God empowers you as His witness
  • Why unity with God and other believers is a must
  • What it truly means to focus on One thing
  • What love, submission, and forgiveness look like in the Body of Christ
  • Why we need God’s glory
PLUS reflection questions and action points will help you take practical first steps in your new pursuit of unity with God and other believers!

Jesus prayed that you would be one with Him and with other Christians—so that the world could believe in Him. He is calling on you to fix your eyes on Him and tap into His power to be His witness in the world.

So begin reading your copy of The Power of One today—and prepare to live in powerful unity for the one true God!

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