The Diversity Of Prayer Booklet

The Diversity Of Prayer Booklet
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The Diversity Of Prayer Booklet: A Guide for All Occasions of Prayer

Author of more than 250 online publications, Robert D. Pace has produced a study-which spanned two decades-focusing on insights into twenty-seven Biblical models of prayer. Each indi­vidual model is precisely defined, assigned Scrip­tural insights, and supplied with practical benefits for praying.

This book also includes twelve prayer tracks, taken directly from the Bible, to guide you through times of prayer. It concludes with a fascinating glos­sary that explains terms and phrases associated with prayer. You'll discover the meaning of a stronghold; what it means to invoke an impreca­tion; and how to engage in spiritual warfare. You'll learn of the phrases basking in the Lord, pleading the blood of Jesus, and revelatory praying. Imple­menting these insights will transform how you ap­proach God and receive of His grace. That's be­cause you will learn more than the concepts of prayer; you will learn the instrumentality of prayer!

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Pace, Robert D.