The Worship God Wants


The Worship God Wants

The Worship God Wants
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Showtime, My Time or His Time?

When we come to a church worship service, what time is it?

Is it showtime, when leaders step on stage with a performance-driven mentality? (God expects our best, but does He want a show?)

Is it my time, with people coming to church with a filling-station mind-set? (God blesses His people, but is it so they can go home saying, "I got mine"?)

Is it His time, when individuals push aside tiredness, worries, and frustrations to focus on the living God? (God is "looking for those who will worship him ... in spirit and in truth" [John 4:23-24 NLT] .)

In this book, you will find Biblical, historical, philosophical, and practical perspectives on the worship God deserves and demands.

"God wants the best of our ability in both worship and service. God has given us His best in His beloved Son and our Savior. May this excellent book motivate us to give to God our best as we worship and serve Him." -French L. Arrington

Jerald J. Daffe, D.Min., is professor of pastoral studies and coordinator of the pastoral major at Lee University. He is a member of the International Church of God Doctrine and Polity Committee, and the author of ten books.

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