Powerful Prayer: Developing Effective Prayer Practices

Powerful Prayer: Developing Effective Prayer Practices
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Many people feel that their prayers are ineffective, whereas others, it seems, continually receive divine answers.

This book intends to encourage all Christians to pray intensely. It contains many Bible-based suggestions and interesting experiences to develop more powerful prayer practices.

It is God’s intention that His children should be active prayer warriors. To this end the book offers valuable hints and illustrations that can easily be realized.

"A valuable resource for teachers and preachers." ~ Dr. Timothy M. Hill, General Overseer, Church of God

"Once in a while, you get the feeling, when reading this book that you are sitting at the feet of a master, a "Senior Saint."" ~ Dr. P. Douglas Small, International Prayer Coordinator, Church of God.

Also endorsed by: Dr. Grant McClung, Douglas LeRoy, Peter A. Thomas, Dr. Stephen P. Darnell, Heinrich C. Scherz, Irma B. Williams, Marc Brenner, Christian Swift, and Lance Colkmire.

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Karl-Otto Bohringer