Bible KJV Great Commission Study PB


Bible KJV Great Commission Study PB

Bible KJV Great Commission Study PB
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  • 1,500 powerful pages focused on Your Life & The Great Commission
  • Nearly 500 articles, devotionals and commentaries throughout the Bible
  • Commentary overview of every Bible Book
  • Complete 2,000 year graphic summary and history of Christianity worldwide
  • More than 100 leading contributors from around the globe
  • An extensive Study Guide entitled “Finding Your Role In God’s Goal”
For nearly 2,000 years, the Church has striven to fulfill the Great Commission. Our Lord’s last command must be our first commitment. Christians cannot never be satisfied until everyone has access to the Gospel and has heard the glorious news of Jesus Christ. You hold in your hands the first-ever Great Commission Study Bible.

The Great Commission Study Bible is the result of the synergistic effort of more than 100 leading authors worldwide, who have provided 500 articles and devotionals, as well as, a comprehensive Study Guide entitled, Finding Your Role In God’s Goal. When you read the Great Commission Study Bible you will know what your role is in God’s goal and your part in God’s heart!

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