Teach Us To Pray


Teach Us To Pray

Teach Us To Pray
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Jesus did not teach his disciples how to preach, teach or how to grow a church. Jesus DID teach them how to pray. We all want to leave a legacy, the thing we can be remembered for, and I believe one of the greatest things we can give not only to this generation, but generations to come is to be passionate prayers.

This study guide, Teach Us To Pray From a Kingdom Perspective, is a tool to increase our prayer life, to pray more boldly, and to release the kingdom of heaven upon the earth. We move from asking father to release His kingdom on earth to declaring the promises of God over ourselves, our family, in our community, and over our nation. There are practical exercises that can be done that help to emphasize a truth or principle in growing our prayer life.

  • As we ask the Lord to teach us to pray, no matter how long we may have been doing so.
  • As we practice the very presence of God through our prayer and devotional life.
  • As we participate with others who are hungry to grow and become more effective prayer warriors.
  • As we learn to pray the word and learn to hear the voice of God, and to walk in obedience.
  • As we begin to declare and release the purpose of God into persons, places, and things.

  • This is a 13 lesson study guide on growing in our prayer life, that changes the atmosphere around us, that transforms us from the inside out, and impact the world around us. May the Lord increase your prayer life exponentially.

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