One Gospel With Fulfilled Prophecies - King James Version

One Gospel With Fulfilled Prophecies - King James Version
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Larry Aldrich has developed a chronological time span with a proven harmony of the Gospels merged into one reading which includes every unique word while deleting all duplicated words. This process makes an easy yet complete reading of the life of Jesus in the original King James Version and removes conflicts between the individual Gospels. This book provides one hundred Old Testament prophecies of the coming Messiah that shows exactly how and when Jesus fulfilled each. By using maps and illustrations, the author helps the reader visualize the events clearly.
  • Aldrich reveals for the first time his own original use of Scripture for proof that:
  • Jesus was in the tomb for three full days and three full nights.
  • Jesus’ End-Time prophecies - four fulfilled since 1948.
  • The footsteps of Jesus revealed in maps, pictures, illustrations, and detailed charts of last 12 days.
  • The Harmony of the Gospels with reference verses and color coded words for easy reference.

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