The 7 Touch Plan PB (Making Your first impression a Success:)

The goal of every church should be to make the right impression on those who choose to visit, to give them the feeling of being at home, so that their first visit will not be their last. People will not attend our churches simply because they have been raised in our denomination. New visitors will not be drawn because of our worship or ministry, but because of how they feel they are received by the people of our congregations. The culture we live in demands that we be better at making our guests’ first visit a success. To accomplish this, we must prepare for those who are our guests. In this book, Kenneth E. Hall outlines a seven-touch plan to help pastors and church leaders address one of the most critical challenges in growing a church—welcoming and retaining new people by making them feel like honored guests, not just visitors.

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The 7 Touch Plan PB (Making Your first impression
a Success:)
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