Praying The Breath Of Life

Praying The Breath Of Life
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Have you ever had the wind knocked out of you with some unexpected news? Do you find yourself running, trying to catch up, and feeling like life is coming so fast that you can’t even catch your breath? If you can relate to these experiences, then you will want to read Praying, The Breath of Life. This book is written to help the disciple of Christ receive divine oxygen to both live and thrive in an intimate relationship with Jesus. As you engage this thoroughly biblical study of real personalities in Scripture, as well as the authors' incredible victory over cancer, you will be taught how to allow praying to become your indispensable breath of life.

Praying, The Breath of Life is a resource both practical and accessible to students, teachers, small group leaders, and pastors with such helpful features as:
  • Selected Scripture readings included for each session
  • Printed prayers specific for individual sessions
  • Group discussion/reflection questions for each session
  • Reader’s journal page for every session
• Many New Testament Greek terms transliterated

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