As One Approved (DVD Series)


As One Approved (DVD Series)

As One Approved (DVD Series)
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Includes 7 Videos, 1 Workbook & Bonus Video.

Pathway Press & Resource Center, in partnership with Dr. Paul L. Walker, has developed a DVD Series titled As One Approved—Pastoral Tools for Effective Ministry. Dr. Walker pastored the Mount Paran Church in Atlanta, Georgia, for over 37 years, and shares his wisdom and experience.
The purpose of this project is to place a tool kit filled with practical and effective tools in the hands of pastors to assist them in their pastoral ministry.
Each series topic will contain a 45- minute interview/discussion with leading pastors and church administrators.
  • The Pastor and Personhood—
    Raymond Culpepper, Mark Williams, and Gary Sears
  • The Pastor and Local Church Vision—
    Raymond Culpepper, Loran Livingston, and Eliezer Bonilla
  • The Pastor and Local Church Leadership Interaction—
    Gerald McGinnis, Mark Walker, and Gary Sears
  • The Pastor and Conflict Management—
    Mark Williams, Mark Walker, and Loran Livingston
  • The Pastor and the Worship Service—
    David Griffis, Kip Box, and Allan Mathura
  • The Pastor and Preaching the Word—
    Tim Hill, Loran Livingston, and David C. Cooper
  • The Pastor and Community Care—
    Wallace Sibley, Gary Sears, and Hugh Nelson

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