The Power Of Being Thankful Devotional  (Hardback)

The Power Of Being Thankful Devotional (Hardback)

""New York Times""bestselling author Joyce Meyer believes that giving thanks to God daily will positively impact our lives. When we pause to acknowledge His blessings it restores us to a state of spiritual peace. " "In this 365 day devotional, Joyce offers an inspiring message that will spark an attitude of gratitude in our hearts. Through uplifting Scripture, she illustrates God's never-ending love, inexhaustible grace, and always-accessible presence in our lives. As we develop a renewed outlook, we will better recognize and be further blessed by God's abundant goodness. Each devotion will also include a prayer of thanks, so that we may begin every day ready to receive the transforming power of a thankful heart. "" more

Timeless Truths in Changing Times

Timeless Truths in Changing Times

Pastor Cooper believes that God’s unchanging Word still speaks to our ever-changing world. In this book, he has prepared 366 daily devotionals to help us focus on the most important matters of our faith. Ancient Biblical characters, stories, and illustrations referenced have messages that are as relevant as this morning’s headlines. more